What to do when a guy starts to ignore you completely all of sudden?

why do you guys ignore girls all of sudden... their text messages, phone calls?

do you guys do it on purpose?
you talk back and forth for days and all of sudden go quiet? even when the girl texts you or calls you.. why do you completely ignore her?

and what should a girl do in this situation when a guy is ignoring her texts/calls all of sudden?


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  • If I ignore a girl it's because she has either done something to upset me or she started ignoring me first.

    A recent example is of a girl who is blowing hot and cold with me - I started ignoring her.

    • no the only last thing we did together was talk dirty on texts.. and since that day he started ignoring me... i just dont understand why? it was a steamy hot dirty talk ! LOL he even said i am hard very hard and i said i am wet and thats it since then never heard from him its been 5 days!

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    • what made him disinterested? he did get me talking dirty to him as well.. and we got along pretty well too!

    • I've got no idea, only he can tell you that.

  • Yeah sometimes i do it on purpose when the girl did something bad, others time i just ignore because i'm not interested anymore.

  • i can't ignore any girl at all. now if your guy is ignoring you just text him that 'I (you) are having sex with a guy better than him, taller than him, hotter than him and you son of a freaking bitch having a handjob by your ownself , alas my sympathies are with you lonely guy :('. i hope you like it sweety


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