How to casually date and talk to people without them catching feelings so fast?

So I just got out of a emotional situation with a guy, is was for like 6 months. After him I decided I wanted to just date and get to know people but take it slow. I wasn't rushing anything, no kisses, just hanging out and talking. These guys have been catching feels so fast, I don't want to seem like a hoe because I'm talking to multiple people. I haven't had sex with any of them. One guy is asking if he can see is together, it's only been 3 weeks... Another is saying he wants to be with me, it's just too much.


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  • I think it's hard because eventually guys will get thirsty. I don't see no problem with you dating and just talking to different guys. I think guys sometimes tend to rush things quicker. If you feel a guy is moving to fast just tell them to slow down and that you want to take things slow and not rush into anything. If a guy cares then he will respect your wishes and still be patient with you.


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