Is she just as nervous as I am for our first date?

So I have a date with a girl who approached me on an online dating site. We've been getting along really well through all our conversations so far. I think she's very beautiful and a sweet girl that I could potentially fall for so it's tough to not be hopeful for our first date tomorrow.

But now I'm starting to get super nervous and keep questioning my worth and thinking there's no way a girl like this could fall for me.

Do you think she is as nervous as I am for this date?
It would make me feel better if it's likely she is!



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  • She is almost definitely just as nervous as you are :)
    Try not to overthink things and relax a bit. Just have fun :)

    • Thanks, and will do :)

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  • I think she likes you. So, definitely, she is nervous. Relax you were good enough for her to agree to go on a date with you. She liked your personality. I don't know if thats the case, but if you guys haven't seen how the other looks like yet, and thats why you are also stressing out, then chill and let your personality shine. It has taken you this far, hasn't it? Anyways, again, enjoy your date (you'll be fine).

  • She wouldn't date you in first place if she didn't like you don't be too hard on yourself


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  • It really depends on if she's looking at herself pessimistically, how much value she puts into dating and if she is accepting of the inevitable outcome of your twos chemistry. In all likelihood she is nervous too.

    • Good point. We seem to be pretty alike. If I'm thinking pessimistically about myself then she is possibly doing the same thing.

    • That can be hard to predict but it's fairly common for most people.

  • She maybe more nervous. You need to be cool so she can be cool. Workout just before the date to boost self confidence (really any activity than can boost confidence with do). Gym, laundry, shower.