Is there a reason why I am willing to do that much?

okay so i have a girl friend
and i gave her a total of €120
to get her over to my place
and now i wanna know because i can't figure it out
is i am just being friend or is it more than just friendly


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  • is she a prostitute? why do you have to pay her?

    • she has no money and the friendly idiot that i am gave her money to take the train to me

    • i wish she was a prostitute then it would be a lot easier

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  • You don't know if you're acting like a friend or if you're more? You know yourself better then any of us. You tell is if she's just a friend or not

    • well in the past there where moments that i wanted more than friends but now i just dont have a freaking clue

  • you love her I guess

    • is it a geuss or do you know for sure

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    • then it's love goodluck

    • talk to her tell her how you feel and stop giving her money

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