Girls with SOs: what goes through your head when a guy you're attracted to asks you out?

I l was recently made curious about this... one girl seemed really excited by , attracted to me and turned me down because of a boyfriend. Another said yes, and later texted me all flustered and said she shouldn't have said yes because she was engaged, but she still wants to get to know me, etc.

These both happened on the same day, and it got me thinking... what do girls typically think about when that happens, and how does it change their perspective on the man who asked?

I'm gonna clarify a bit because I left out a key detail I was curious about. What goes through their heads when a guy they LIKE asks them out and they have a man already?


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  • I always grumble a bit in my head then tell him sorry no. I have swapped numbers before because I fancied being a bit bad, but then I could never do it lol.
    If I know I'll never see him again, and it's just flirting I'll let it continue all day though haha


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  • Well I wouldn't put like into the equation, we might find you not detestable LOL. Ok, so what would go through my mind is that I have actual no interest in seeing other guys. I am actually happy I have an SO that I love so much. So... pure desinterest, but still flatery is what goes through my brain. But that's me.

    • Nah, they're digging me. ;)

      You're pretty unusual in that you are not interested in other guys at all! Sounds like a very useful trait.

    • Usefull? Hahaha. Nice way to describe me. Lol. Thanks? XD

  • Well, with more and more murder because of rejection, like getting asked to prom saying no and getting stabbed has happened, its most likely I don't want to die. I will tell him I will text him and then explain the situation later then he can't hurt me.
    Is this fair to guys? No. But we have to do it or risk getting murdered. Don't say BUT I'D NEVER DO THAT because we wouldn't know.

    • I read the question wrong... sorta but my answer is what goes through someones head when they are asked out and have a significant other

    • It's pretty messed up that we live in that kind of world, although those things ARE extremely rare.

    • rare but getting more common which sucks MAJOR ASS im just lucky i found an anti violence anti guns pro feminism sweet guy to be my boyfriend <3

  • its flattering to know the feelings mutual but I'd decline them. I would just feel guilty. I'd also tell him we can be friends but that's as far as it goes.


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  • Sorry for being a dude, but anyways, I notice that girls are most thoughtful about you when you're talking and they're listening. If you're talking for the most part and she's giving you short and soft answers while she's looking at you, then you've got her.

    What passes in their heads is usually: what are you waiting for? Or is he into me? These are two of the most common questions I see here being posted.

    • I feel like you didn't read my question. Girls NEVER wonder what I'm waiting for, haha.

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    • Dude, seriously, you seem to be eager to answer questions I'm not asking and help with problems I don't have. It's weird.

    • Alright cool.