How do I get my girlfriend to kiss me first on a date?

I really, really want my girlfriend to kiss me, and I am to chicken to make the first move. I really want to do it on a private date (preferably at DQ), but you aren't allowed to leave school grounds alone until grade 9. I want to have a private date, but if I ask my dad if he can drop me off at DQ and leave for a bit, he'll know somethings going on. But most importantly, how do I get my girl to kiss me first?


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  • If your parents would have a problem with you dating then don't do it. They will find out somehow trust me. Parents have this inner circle of connections and they keep each other in the loop. You think I am pulling your leg but every time I have gotten in trouble for anything to do with a boy it was through my parents connections. And it depends on your girl. If she is submissive or dominate in your everyday relationship will tell you if she will even consider making the first move. I know in the first 6 months-first year of my relationship I rarely ever made first moves and the ones I did make were very minimal.


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