What is going through her head? can someone please translate?

This girl and i got into an argument and she called it off and openly told me we're not gonna date. she is currently suffering with psychological SERIOUS problems and is staying single untill she's better, but we planned on dating when she was ready. anyway here's the convo:

Her: "i dont want to date you, end of story"
Me: "not even in the future? even if its not for a long time?
her: "no, i dont want to be tied down right now"
me: well you could see other guys, i could see other girls, maybe we could give it a shot again in the future if we're both single
her: i can only look at today, i can't look at the future

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Okay everyone, so she texted back "I'm going to f*cking kill myself, please shut the f*ck up. i will never date you"

i feel like i shouldn't take her "im not gonna date you" seriously... obviously she's going through something right now


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  • This is why guys piss me off. How else can she get the point across? She said "shut the fuck up I'm never gonna fucking date you" THAT'S NOT EVEN A HINT ITS EXPLICIT REJECTION

    • did you not read the part where she said she's gonna kill herself? yeah she doesn't wanna date, but she's not thinking straight right now

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    • im doing both actually

    • Really. Because that's whats SOOOO important right now. A relationship with you.

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  • Sorry, you should probably just move on.

    • can you translate what she means?

      i specifically dont get what she means by the "i can only look at today, not the future"

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    • She could do in the future, bt if you keep asking it's less likely. Stay in contact with her, but don't mention anything about a relationship, just let it develope gradually as she gets better.
      To most girls, it puts you off when a guy doesn't back off when you needa him to, especially if you've already told him more than once. It's stressful to be around. Sometimes you can really like the guy, but he puts so much pressure on everything that it just ends up putting you off and you end up not liking him anymore. Girls do like guys who don't give up so easily, but not like this.

    • No I don't think you should ask again really. Just be her friend and see if she changes later, don't ask, just watch her actions. She will probably just tell you if she wants to though.
      You're going to make her end up hating you if you don't stop.

  • She is DONE. Move on. LISTEN to her.

  • If a girl wants to be with you. She'll show it. I hope you're not being clingy. That's a definite reason to end it. Just saying.


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  • Okay, she's angry at something else, but she's unwittingly directing it at you. You should be happy though, she's fucking straightforward. Keep her as a friend, keep topics off the touchy issues and let her mend - don't hint at anything.

    Once she opens up and starts giving you body signs, you can subtly and slowly reciprocate it. But she strikes me as someone who knows what she wants. She's not outright rejecting you btw.

    • i specifically dont get what she means by the "i can only look at today, not the future"

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    • Respond "if you're really going to kill yourself, don't do it. I can't have that on my conscience. Just tell me whatever you want me to do and I'll do it. Do you want me to just leave you alone forever? Or do you want me to just come by and comfort you? I'm fine with either."

    • Oh wait. Just say, "as you wish, just please don't kill yourself, I wouldn't want that on my conscience."

  • At least she's being completely upfront with you

  • lol she was incredibly blunt: she doesn't want you - MOVE ON.

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