Why don't I understand love? Am I just immature?

I'm talking about romantic relationships. I've never had real issues with my parents or my siblings except for the one time my brother, who's 3 years younger than me, wielded a knife and threatened to kill me after I punched him for kicking our 5 year old sister. As for my parents, my dad and I have occasional clashes due to our similar stubborn personalities, but my parents are very much still in love, and will be celebrating their 15 wedding anniversary soon.

I'm almost 15, and have always been advanced, being very intelligent for my age, and was the first of my friends to have a period. So now I suppose I feel confused because I don't UNDERSTAND LOVE!!! I have never had a crush on anyone. I haven't had my first boyfriend yet.

My parents tell me I'm too young for dating anyway, and I honestly feel like I'm not missing out. But I just feel confused. I mean, in our generation, there's pregnant 12 and 13 year olds. I just don't understand it. Yes, I know how sex works. I guess it might be the Christian life style that I've always been raised in. Where, once you marry someone, you're pretty much stuck with them until you or the other dies, or they turn out to be an unfaithful jerk, giving you the right to divorce them.

Again, I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything, fun and happiness wise. However, with my screwed up generation, I feel like I'm missing something. Why are so many young teens getting pregnant? Why is it that people are dating at this age? I mean it just seems pointless, when your parents have restrictions like no kissing.

I have never been kissed or hugged by someone that wasn't related to me. I have never been 'horny' before. Does this make me immature, or just normal?


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  • You are indeed brilliant. Your sentences are well composed, your spelling is excellent. I am impressed.

    Here, check google for Plato's Symposium, it's a dialogue I have written about 2,400 years ago (but who's counting?). It's considered one of the best documents on 'love'. I hope it satisfies your question. If not, feel free to private message me or reply to my comment.


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