Guys, would it bother you if a girl was really shy with you in the beginning? But she told you she likes you?

I'm a really shy and inexperienced girl. The guy that I'm dating has a considerable amount of dating experience.

We have a lot of things in common, but our personalities are really different in that he's outgoing and sociable and I'm just shy!

I flirt with him over text because that's a lot easier for me but it's so much harder for me to do so in person. I just get nervous around him because I like him so much.

I can't think straight and I get self conscious with him. If he tries to touch me- like put his arm around me or hold my hand I just get worked up and I can't think straight.

I told him I like it when he does that and that I like him a lot. I also told him it takes me a while to feel comfortable with someone, and I also told him how I lack dating experience,

He knows all these things about me and he is still very sweet and told me he will take it slow with me. He also tells me he likes spending time with me and seems to be quite interested.

I just feel bad that I have such a hard time reciprocating, I want to so badly! I can't even bring myself to make eye contact with him when he touches me or pays me a sweet compliment- it just makes me nervous.

Is he going to get bored of me? :/

I definitely think I've been less nervous with him the more I've seen him. But it's still pretty bad. :(

Can anyone relate?


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  • No. You should do things with him, try laserquest, very deep movies, some activity that's going to break the ice. Or here's a nice one, do something really impulsive in the middle of a conversation or something, rush up and kiss him on the lips. He'll definitely like that.


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  • I'm like you I have a crush on a girl in my class tslked wih her twice she started the conversarions both of them and I was looking at the roof and floor while talking and she's outgoing I guess you should take it step by step I know it's hard but don't get too boring too it's better to do activities than just talking maybe cycling , jocking , if he play games online play woth him or maybe study wwith each other that'd be easier you'd be less nervous because you're doing another activity and good luck

  • Just keep doing what your doing, if anything its like a challenge for him. you will be fine.


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