I know he has feelings, but he is determined to deny them?

Me and my ex have these perfect days together that are like a relationship.
But then he says a few days later that we are just 'friends that have sex'
I KNOW he has feelings for me that he denies, but he is determined to be single.
I just can't sleep with him until he falls in love with someone else, but i can't shut him out of my life.


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  • If it looks like chocolate, smells like chocolate, tastes like chocolate, then does it matter if I call it caca or anything else? If you're 'FWB' with him, but he treats it like a relationship, then it's a relationship, however, if it isn't but you're assuming he has feelings, I would say that you're kind of forcing him to concede it - which is unnecessarily aggressive. I'd just wait it out, let him tell you when he's ready.


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