Is our friendship different now?

We went on a vacation trip, and it went great. Yeah, we ended up fooling around, but our chemistry has always been there so it was bound to happen. We've been close friend for over 6 years, it's a healthy one. I Liked him for the longest time, and he ended up asking me out but then he quickly changed his mind because of the long distant issue. I won't lie, I was hurt but I tried to brush it off the next day. But ever since we came back from the trip, he hasn't hit me up much like before? I'm suppose to visit him soon in MN like we planned, but how can I plan things when he doesn't even call or text me? I hit him up the other night to see if he's free to talk on the phone but he wrote this : " Tonight would have been difficult... Sleeping now. Sleep well." I posted a quote thing on my Facebook awhile ago about friend that just hits you up from time to time, but only doing so that they can always come to you whenever they "feel" like it with their minimal text & call there. He saw it & immediately texted me saying he promise he wasn't ignoring me & that he's been busy, but misses our time together. I told him I wasn't mad, but honestly.. I'm more disappinted in the fact that he should've know that he's been a total fair weather friend since our trip. He was in Vegas since then, and I gave him personal space because he's still on his 2 weeks off & Im back at work. Our text been dead since July 5th. No phone calls or text /: it wasn't like this at all. To be honest, since we haven't talk at all much, I don't even know if he's still in Vegas or back at home? He lives all the way in Minnesota, yet I wouldn't hesitate to buy a plane ticket to see him again. Our friendship is dysfunctional because we have always flirted & acted like a couple. We even slept together on the trip. I'm obviously lost & hurt /: help.


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  • Well maybe he is having a hard time with the long distance relationship too cause he probably likes you a lot and wants more and now that you're sleeping together it makes things difficult cause he knows as long as he's in Minnesota and you are where you are things can't grow. Bottom line is long distance relationship don't work well in less you build your relationship up over years before splitting up and can truly 100% trust each there. Wish you the best of luck and I hope this helps you out


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