She ask if im having fun a lot?

I've been hanging out with this girl for a little over 3 weeks now. she's incredible. She lives about 45 minutes away from me, so I see her about twise a week. We hung out for about 10 hours the other day, she kept asking me if I was having fun. She also likes to ask me why do you put up with me. I've already told her that I like her and that I plan to make her mine, she said "not very many people can tame this". We have plans to do a matching cosplay at an anime convention in September. I haven't been able to really get close enough to give her a kiss at all, even though I do want to. She acts like ahe likes me but I can't really tell. Any insight would be great.

by the way she's 23 im 25


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  • She is just playing hard to get. She's trying to see if you really like her and what you're going to do to "please" her. She probably wants you to do something special for her.

    • On our 3rd time out I suprised her with her favorite flower. I plan on cooking for her soon. Any ideas on what eles I can do to win her over?

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    • the flower was a one time thing. i over heard her Talking to a friend about how she had never gotten a flower from a guy before. Our scedules are both busy. I ushally go to her room mates softball games with her on Monday nights. Day trips are out of the question, I work 2 jobs so I can't do that. You think I should just continue being sweet and she'll come around?

    • Yeah, definitely. Just don't seem desperate. I can tell you really like her. And you seem really sweet. You could also ask her roommate to tell you things about her too.

  • She is playing hard to get atheist she has some respect! And most girls keep asking those questions to no for sure you want them we just like to be told but not to much!

    • So you think I should just wait, keep acting sweet and spending time with her?

    • Yeah but still show interest in her do little thing to show her you care and that you do want it to go somewhere but when she is ready

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