I have done everything but can't move on…. what to do?

So I dated this guy months ago. Things fizzled out and we then didn't see each other for a while. Then I started seeing him weekly at work and ended up telling him that I still like him and gave him the chance to meet up. He didn't want to meet up which at least allowed me to know where I stand. I did feel so much better admitting to my feelings even though he didn't really give much of a response.

However, I can't stop thinking about him. When I know I will see him at work I am a mess all day and I think he has started to avoid me at work (yet he still stares from a distance).

I have started seeing this other guy and even after we have made out all I can think of is how it was so much better with the other guy (makes me feel terrible).

How can I move on? Its weird because I have moved on from previous relationships and with this guy it was simply a few dates and I can't move on…. any suggestions? And how should I act when I see him weekly?


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  • You shouldn't have told him you like him, getting over the awkwardness you just have to speak to him and seem as though it doesn't bother you at all

    • I thought that at first but after posting on here and getting others opinions I decided to do it. But your right and I will try and do that!

    • Good luck

  • Everyone wants what they can't have. Stop being childish


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