I am so confused, don't know what to think!?

We met a few months ago, things were going so well, probably a little fast, but he said I love you, we went on a vacation together. Well, he's going through a divorce and all the sudden, in a span of a day, his kids decided to come back to him, he got served with child support papers (he already had a lawyer), and he got a letter from the IRS. But I met his kids after all this, then slowly in the past week, he is barely talking to me, barely texting. He's not used to being a full time dad and has admitted to spoiling his kids so they'll want to be with him. I called him about all the changes, he said he can't do a full time relationship right now, which I understand with all the changes in his life. But when I ask if he's still interested in me, in us he says yes. It's not another woman, he wouldn't bring someone else around his kids when they just met me and they're still grieving the upcoming divorce. Do I give him space? Break it off? Give it time?
by the way I'm 40, divorced one kid. He's 37


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  • Ask him this, do you want me to leave you alone? Just like that. Direct communication's important.


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