Does he like me, just being nice, or am I crazy?

My classmate is the bad guy and I honestly kinda scared of him, he ia kinda quiet but he is a massive bad guy. Once upon a time I got upset because my girls were being mean so I skipped class and then he asked my classmates (male ones) where I was then asked my girls where did I go, i mean he is that type of dude who doesn't give a damn but why cares so much about me? Then days ago there was an event at school, it was like dance competition for couples, so like 7mins in heaven game the girls took a number and so did the boys, I got the same number as him and he looked kinda pleased I guess? I was so terrified so I said so many excuses so that i dont have to be paired with hin. Everyone approved so I got the other guy as my partner, but then his (the boy we are talking about) bff didn't allow me to change partner so i had to stay with the dude, coincidence? Oh and my friends knew I was uncomfortable so they tried to change his partner but he didn't want anyone but me!! And so we going to dance we made a circle and i tried to hold his hand but he didn't let me, he took mine instead and when i glanced on his other hand he was the one who being held, but he hold me? Crazy i know. The thing is he never says a thing to me (but once again he is kinda quiet), he once suddenly chated me via BBM asked random things but thats all. I told my bff aboutbthis and she said if a boy crushes on u he would tell a story to one of my girl friends, but my girls never say anything about it soooo i think he doesn't tell anything?


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  • I think he likes you. Maybe he's also a gentleman, it seems like it.

    • what makes you think he is? But he never tries to reach me like text me etc

    • Never mind, I was confusing that guy with another Question's guy. He's just... Quiet? Lol. Your bff isn't very nice though if she puts you through this weirdness.

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