Is there any guys that want a loving relationship and are willing to make the effort when they find a girl they want?

I seem to find and meet idiots. Guys who just want sex or guys who will not make time. or effort and. claim. to be busy. I have been out with younger guys and even older guys but same story despite age difference. Guys I meet are immature and not ready for anything. long term. i getalot of guy attention buy never good

Usually I get guys talk to me and ask for number then its straight to what they want the booty. an when. i say sorry not that kind of girl. They disappear. I am a kind easygoing girl. Maybe I have been gullible at times but I guess I just want one true long lasting. love. Doubt he is here in the u. k though.

I am the kind of girl to take to a guys parents not straight to the bedroom. I am not into one night stands. An I can not find one guy who would want more. When I think I got him turns out he can not fit me or won't squeeze me. in his busy schedule. I am. done trying with a certain guy who thinks. He can take the piss with me.

I meet guys online. in public. Will I ever find the one ii doubt. it :( forever alone


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  • Well if you lived anywhere near me I would love to take you out and get to know you. Ever since I graduated college I've wanted to be in a loving relationship, long term, become best friends. I thought I had that person and just got dumped 6 weeks ago. I dont think you should give up. You'll meet someone thats going to make you happy, someone you'll have things in common with, someone you'll argue with but understand. you're still young 18-24 I think thats way too soon to give up long love and finding someone. Stay Strong. Dont give up on finding your best friend/soul mate because these group of "guys" keep approaching you or that you've dealt with. Just learn from your past relationships, there's plenty of good guys out there who are probably thinking the same thing wishing they could meet a girl who they can trust, whose honest, loyal, caring and trustworthy, etc. DONT GIVE UP

    • Thanks I am 21 I do. give up for now. as good people do. not come my way. Sorry to hear. break ups are hard I've been single 8 months just lonely at times

    • you still in school? there are lot of places to meet ppl. I know it gets lonely. its only been 6 weeks and sometimes i feel really lonely other times I tell myself that maybe its for the best. She has a two year daughter who i miss very much as well and It can't be easy for a single mom to introduce her child. Maybe just relax do things you enjoy. What are some of your favorite things to do? Go do them. Is there something you've been contemplating on doing? Last week I went Sky Diving for the first time ever it was awesome experience. You can also take up a new hobby. Exercise it helps relieve stress, maybe you'll meet someone at the gym? For now like I said Dont give up but maybe also dont pursue it just let a relationship come to you.

    • No I am 21 in college. oh ok sorry to hear. thanks great tips not. to pursue wait for it to happen great advice. Yeah I get lonely. too. One day you will. find someone dont worry.

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  • As John Stuart Mill once said "better be a Socrates dissatisfied than a pig satisfied". Leave the idiots be, they're merely sparing you of such unscrupulous degradation. I would say that you have to keep trying, there's a reason why these dirt bags come cheaper by the dozen, good guys are hard to find, but you should not give up. Read my dialogues, I made 30 something dialogues around 300-400 B. C.

  • no there's not when you go for the player types who are confident and make moves easy, girls gotta learn that not everything is the guys job, girls need to learn to choose the guys themselves and make moves and not keep expecting the guy to choose for her, if you want that nice type guy you have to notice them first, and make moves, and learn to tell the difference between a player and a nice guy for example players are confident before the know you, nice guys are shy and become confident after they get to know a girl, and plus every guy wants sex, you shouldn't jump to conclusions that every guy wants a one night stand

    • I have not jumped. to conclusions about anything I have said guys I come across only want that. Do. not. go. for players. they go for me. i turn. them. down. You make many assumptions as I did. not say its the guys job etc but hey thats life just another guy that. does. not get me

    • i was making examples and giving you some info

  • Yes providing she doesn't reject me or play hard to get, or blow hot and cold.


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