Why are people so sensitive to possible deficiencies in a prospective partner?

I've got a lot of great qualities. However I'm definitely not perfect.
It seems like as soon as someone gets a whiff that you have some problem with your life they immediately get really resistant to you and are already more than half-way to rejecting you.

For instance If I say I'm refined. It will peak someones interest. Maybe they immediately get a picture of Mr. Perfect? Kind of like on T. V? Am I right/wrong?

Then If I they they get an indication of any problem with your life, their interest will tank. I think this is really shallow.

If they weren't shallow wouldn't they want to know more about you? Wouldn't they want to be more interested in what you can give more than what you can't immediately?


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  • Treat it like a job interview, it's how you present yourself. Don't refer to problems unless you're cornered, put a positive spin on your weaknesses, it's how well you sell yourself that counts!