She rejected me, I rejected her friendship?

So i asked a girl iv been seeing couple of times to put a label on it

Girl: No sorry could we become friends?
me: Let me think about it, maybe
Girl: I guess i should of stick with girls then
Girl: Whenever this happens i lost most of the guys

Do you guys think i hurt her by rejecting her friendship?


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  • I see nothing wrong with what you did. You wanted a relationship, not a friendship. She should respect that it may be too painful for you to be "just friends".

    • i don't care about rejection, i find out that i don't really like her that much, we are just so different.
      But did she say friendship, just saying it or is it for real?

    • I don't know, because I don't know her. But that is the knee jerk reaction for most girls when they reject a man. Offer him friendship, because its very likely she already has that, and doesn't want to lose it. Many men make the mistake of thinking if a girl can like you as a friend first, she will date you. Even though that would be better than today's practice, sadly it's not usually the case.

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  • Make it up to her by hanging out and buy her an ice cream----And Talk it out. Open lines of Convo is one of the most important things in Any relationship.
    Good luck. xx

    • whats there to make up tho? Isn't this kinda mutual? or is she kinda pissed off

    • "I guess I should stick with girls then... Whenever this happens lost most of the guys..."

  • Probably a litttle. But she'll get over it. You shouldn't have to grow more feelings for her by being her friend and being around her. Its better for you to stop it now. You can always find more friends. She'll be ok.

    • so do i talk to her like normal?

    • Well that might be a little confusing considering you said you dont want to be friends. If you still want to talk to her, then you want a friendship.

  • No, probably not.

  • Yes. You selfish, pathetic, jerk!!
    What is wrong with you?

    • i did?

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    • Wow someone is a super bitch. Guess what he did nothing wrong. The guy wanted a relationship and not friendship, so being around her when he wants more and she doesn't isn't going to do either of them any good.

    • Calm down, Stardust. He wanted a relationship, so she should have just said no and left it at that.

  • yes, friends are hard to come by, you should've cherished the friendship

  • perhaps, but she hurt you when she rejected a relationship. there isn't really much you two can do about that, unless you're willing to stay friends for her. but if not, it doesn't really matter anymore. there's not much you can do about it but go your separate ways.

    • well it doesn't really hurt

    • well then it doesn't matter either way anymore, it is what it is...

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  • You've done nothing wrong, so don't worry about it.