6 Years Nearly Since I've been With a Girl, What do I do?

Hello, I turn 23 in November and haven't had sex or been with a girl for nearly 6 years, the last time being when i was 17.

I don't like the idea of ONS's and in the past have always known girls beforehand. I don't do well in the club scene as in not exactly an "alpha" kind of guy, and don't get chance to get to know girls latly, and those i do, i can never read signals so have probably missed opportunities. I probably don't put myself out there enough for confidence reasons etc.

Anyway its been a while and though id prefer to find the right person and have a relationship im wondering what my options are, as in getting lonely now :\ sad i know.

Any suggestions, tips, thoughts etc...


Would a girl care that its been so long?


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  • Interest groups. Dancing, clubs, books, running races, etc. Be good at something, then you have an excuse to talk to them, that guarantees that they won't just be interested superficially.

    • Thanks, but that can be easier said than done sometimes :/

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    • I don't have class as I've graduated university already

    • Congratulations, but I was merely laying out examples.