Guy: do you get jealous or insecure the way women do?

like if your gf has a crush on a male celeberty or fantasies about him, or if she think another guy is cute from the place she works at,... or watches big d*cks on porn,...

ever feel insecure of the way you look aswell?


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  • I do not get jealous of celebrities because they are not true competition. For example, the girl I am crushing on likes Dwayne "Rock" Johnson and Channing Tatum. The chances of her getting with one of them is nearly zero, so it does not bother me at all. Honestly. No, I do not look like them, but she does not look like their girlfriends either :)

    What really, really bugs me is when she is dating someone. How old is he? What does he do for a living? Do you have a photo? I wonder if they are having sex yet, or Heaven forbid she comes in one day and states she is pregnant with his baby, and he is going back to Mexico since he is here illegally, etc. etc. It drives guys nuts when a girl rejects them but appears to favor someone less able - financially, physically, or whatever. Some get so down they just stop asking girls out entirely.


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  • Celeb crushes are meaningless to me - I get it, and it's not like she's gonna get together with one of them.

    If it was an actual guy in her life, though, that's very different - under the right circumstances, I could be insecure. But much of that depends on her attitude and actions - if she's acting in ways that would make me insecure, that would not make me happy.

  • I think it's pretty normal to feel jealous when your girlfriend talks about a coworker she finds cute, from time to time. But what I do with that emotion is truly what matters more. I choose to trust my girlfriend that she isn't doing anything that would negatively affect our relationship. So, no I honestly don't feel insecure when she talks about celebrities or other guys.

  • Guys pretty much have all the same feelings girls have. So simply put the answer is yes, though some guys will confident enough to talk about this stuff and trust you enough not to go and act on your feelings.

  • If your secure with your partner should not matter. If your in doubt best to move on then to freak over small things like this.

    • ofcourse women are bothered buy it either way,... you? your not bothered if she stares at big dicks or somthing,?

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    • well i always here girls say they are insecure and gays say somthg like you would,.. like my sister is the most confident girl ever! but every now and then she admits it can make her insecure,...

    • General speaking most people have underline reasons to be insecure an carry that with them from one relationship to the next.

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