What does it mean if I feel this way about both these guys?

Mind you I'm not in a relationship with either of them so please don't be rude to me about it because I can't help the way I feel.

Basically there's one guy I was in love with for some time but due to recent events I needed to move on, so after a long time, I did. We will call him guy 1. Well after moving on from guy 1 I met an amazing guy, let's call him guy 2. Me and guy 2 have SO much in common and are so compatible with each other. I really like him, and we've been casually seeing each other (not in a relationship) however I do honestly see myself spending my life with him (which is what I want) and I'm pretty sure he feels the same way too.

Anyways, me and guy 1 reconnected last night and now I keep thinking about him. Although I don't think he sees me as part of his romantic future, me and him share a special connection that is rare. Yet, me and guy 2 do as well, but in a different way.

So my question is, what does it mean if I honestly do want to end up with and spend my life with guy 2, yet the thought of never being any more than just friends with guy 1 makes me very uneasy, upset and anxious, and hurts a little bit. Please only answer if you're not going to be rude because I can't help the way I feel and it's not like I'm cheating on anyone. Thanks so much xx


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  • i feel the same way about two guys, i like one who to me is absolutely perfect he's into all the same things im into, he's always agreeing with me and helping me out and the there is this other guy who i like a lot even tho i know he is probably not fit for a steady relationship, because he's like the bad ass type who is only fit for one thing but either way i still want him even if i know he is not worth it. but ihuy as i can honestly see myself with the first guy. so i think you should choose the first guy as he seems to be the healthier choice for your relationship


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  • Take a vacation from both of them. If you push a thought or feeling Lucifer will make sure you make the decision which will cost the most damage. Example with 1 you may get pregnant and the real guy has no choice but to walk. Playing with fire may feel good in a balancing act but Lucifer is making very strong decisions for you.

  • wait so out of nowhere guy 1 just started talking to you again?

    • Yes basically

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    • He was just an amazing guy when I met him and very genuine and we just connected very well. This was about a year and a half ago and he has changed since, nowhere near as great of a guy that he used to be yet the connection and attraction is still there.

    • hmm okay well you are attracted to both of these guys. i think time will play as the valuable factor here. dont try to rush a decision right away. take your time and really think on it and see how things will turn out. i know you said it would hurt you if guy 1 stopped being your friend if you chose the other but that may not happen and if it does just be prepared to face that fact and live with it. let your feelings work themselves out and you will be able to see clearly.

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