Can someone please explain this to me?

So this girl and I were talking from late April through late May. She broke it off with me cause she felt we were rushing into a relationship too quickly right now than she was comfortable with. She said she needed time to work on herself and needed her space cause she's just getting out of a 4 1/2 year relationship. So I respected that. I text her maybe twice just checkin on her making sure she was doing good. She liked me a lot when we were talking cause she told a lot of people she did. But earlier this week she text me and was saying how much she has missed me and how she'd been thinking about me all the time. And it was like we were talking when we talked that month, I was excited. So I asked if she'd like to start hanging out again and she said she'd love that. So we actually made plans to do something tonight. So a couple days after that I text her just to talk to her and I never heard back from her. So finally last night she text me back saying hey I just really need to talk to you I feel horrible. So I was like what's wrong? She told me that she couldn't do anything with me tonight because she has actually been talking to her ex boyfriend on and off again. (NOTE: This is the second time she's blown me off and gotten back with her ex boyfriend now.) And told me how sorry she was. It pissed me off so bad to hear that. She has absolutely wrecked my emotions. She said she's really confused on what she wants and she has a million things running through her head that it confuses her. I told her I didn't understand why she told me all that she did earlier about missing me cause I think she's lying to ensure and told her I thought she had done nothing but used me. Where she came back and said she meant everything she told me that night that she likes me a lot and really has missed me. Like how should I actually respond to this? I'm pretty much like whatever that it's her loss for doing this to me. Your thoughts?


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  • She meant exactly what she said. She really doesn't know what she wants. I'm not a Twilight fan but it's an Edward/Jacob thing. There's stuff about you and her ex she likes and she doesn't know what to do. Girls just need time is all. It's best to let you know you're their and you care and communicate than to pressure her or just ignore her while she takes the time to think. Just be patient! Things will work out! 😊

    • Thank you! :)

    • Well I did tell her that I'm gonna think about her all the time hoping she's doing great and all is well for her and that she is just happy that's all I want for her and told her that if she ever wanted to talk or ever needed anything at all to let me know and told her I'd always be there for her and she told me she'd always remember that

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  • You are totally on the hook (excuse the HIMYM reference). It really seems like she's just keeping you around in case things don't work out with her ex-boyfriend or even sending you these messages to make him jealous. Think rationally, even if you did end up in a relationship, is she the kind of girl to remain faithful or would she jump back into bed with her ex at the click of his fingers?
    This chick needs to realise she can't have everything in life, it's selfish to string decent guys along whilst chasing someone else. I'd give her an ultimatum and if she doesn't go for it then leave her sorry ass and try and find someone worth your time. You sound like a great guy, find someone who actually deserves you.

    • Thank you so much!!! I just think it's sorry the way she's done me

    • Mate she sounds like a piece of work in my opinion. Obviously you have feelings for her but as she's shown you no commitment I doubt she's worth it.

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    • Does it cost anything?

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