Does a boy mean offense by second option?

Okay, so my friend, Alley (all names are made up) is having an issue with her crush, Jake. Jake just got dumped by his girlfriend a week or so ago. My friend hinted she liked him, and he told her that if Erica had said no, he would have asked her out. Jake also confessed he liked Alley when he was in a relationship with Erica. When she was telling me this, she realized she had been a second option (apparently love leaves one not only blind, but also ignorant). I've never been in love, and have never dated. How can I help my Alley get over this crush? I have a bad feeling about Jake, but she always says he is very polite, kind, and patient. Is Jake really worth all this heartache for Alley?

Erica is Jake's ex...

Alley is completely heartbroken, but still loves him. I can't really play matchmaker very well since I'm moving away from my old high school to a new one. I just feel bad for Alley.


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  • im 15. So you want to get her away from Jake? Well if she already has feelings for him there is no swaying her. Try to find a different boy for her to like. Don't let her be a second choice or a fall back girl. None of those things lead to a good relationship. Try to find someone else for her to like... Preferably someone who likes her too. I hope this helps.

  • Who the hell is Erica and who is the girlfriend that dumped jake?

    • Erica is Jake's ex girlfriend, whom he said he had feelings for Alley while in a relationship with her

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    • Wait can I ask how old you guys are? It doesn't sound like a long relationship.

    • We're all 14-15, freshmen in high school.

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