Am I really in love with him or am I in love of the idea of me being with him? And am I a true lover or just an obsessed girl?

A guy I liked (and he knows I like him) only wanted a hookup and I wanted a serious relationship because I really do love him. So I said yes to hookup but then he backed out. I only wanted to hookup with him because I was hoping his feelings for me would change and he'd start liking me. Now I don't understand what to do... I can't tell if I really like him or like the idea of being with him and don't understand if I should hold on to this and pray and hope one day he'll like me back or move on and let it all go. Am I in love with him or the idea of him? And should I move on because I seem obsessed over him or continue to like him?
P. S. He told me I was hot and liked me and the attention I gave him ect. but told me he didn't like me that way.


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  • Safrooni, it sounds like you already know the answers here. Why don't you tell us what you really think.

    • I don't know I guess that I should probably give up on this whole idea because if it's ment to be it'll happen and he'll come back. Plus I feel like I'm waiting for a flight to come at a train station. I guess it's time to give up then.

    • Ahh youth. You know if he said he thought you were hot, chances are pretty good that your fairly attractive. Then he says he doesn't want you. Is this guy gay? I didn't get anywhere with girls in high school but if an attractive girl was giving me attention I would have been all over it. They were just all over my friends instead. Hmm... Regardless I would definitely forget about him, yeah move on. If you're even cute, you should already have some attention from the opposite sex, and just wait till you're in college and in your early to mid twenties.

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