Should I ask my ex out after I broke up with her?

I broke up with my girlfriend a few weeks ago so I could focus on studying. Now that it's summer, I don't have to worry about that. I still like her, but don't know whether or not to do it for 3 reasons:

I don't want to
1) sound desperate
2) get rejected
3) ruin our friendship if we break up again

I don't know so I want you people to tell me what you think. The sooner the reply the better, but I don't mind a wait.

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To the people who said chose Yes; but wait a while: how long?


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  • You have to really ask yourself if this is what you want because if y'all get back together and school starts and exams comes around. Would you break up with her again? So just think about this thoroughly and consider her feelings too and talk it out with her too to see how y'all can make it work it

  • I think you have to wait for i while but i have a question do you think she still like you? And do you like her?

    • We call text FaceTime Snapchat etc. nightly so she at least still likes me as a friend, but I think she still likes me, and I do like her

    • I think you should wait for a while in till you ask her again and i really think you should get to know her better and get close to each other

    • by the way sorry accidentally marked down your comment

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