What should I do? What can I do to change his mind?

I was at a party and I saw this guy that I used to like about a year ago, I've forgotten him but when I saw him it was like bam and I liked him again but I thought I had no chance because he still can get any girl he wants.

So all night we were flirting up a storm and we played this game where people hide then you have to get to base. And I went with him and we were hiding behind a grill and I was like well this is fun. And we talked a little then he looked at me and leaned forward and we just started making out. I was like holy crap because I would have never thought he would want to make out with me. Then he starts apologizing and I didn't get why but we made out even more and more.

Then the party ended. So I get a text from him saying he was sorry and that I was a beautiful girl and he loved it but he likes someone else and it wasn't fair to me. So I was like so upset and he was telling me how he didn't even think of the girl he likes the whole time he was with me and it was perfect and he loved flirting with me, But he made it clear he likes the other girl. I just don't know what to do because I really like him but he doesn't like me please help.


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  • Well, after reading your issue, I can say that I sympathize. I am in a spot where I have unofficially dated this one girl, and after away for a week on a trip, met with this one girl and it's like sparks flew instantaneously. This may seem harsh since from your point of view, you really want to be with this guy, but you must respect his opinion on the matter, which is that he was extremely regretful that he let things go out of control since he is absolutely interested in this other girl. It does not sound encouraging at the moment, but you must accept what he says, and try your best to continue to be friends with him. You may become very tight-knit, and if something goes sour in the future with him and this other girl, than you and him may be able to get together once he has come to terms with the separation. In short, respect his opinion, continue to be friends, and allow things to play by as they normally would - things may or may not turn your way. Good luck, and I hope this has given you some insight.

    • Thank you that does help. so we were just texting and he asked me to not tell anyone about this to keep it between us because it only affects us so I asked if he was ashamed and he said he was proud. then like a few texts later I was like I don't want this to affect us badly & I don't want this to be a big deal that you want to stop talking to me and he was like I don't get what your saying you liked me for a day I said nevermind forget it cause I think I just scared him off? what do you think of that?

  • If he was making out with you that mean he likes you, so you got a chance. I'm sure that message means nothing he just was checking your reaction

    Just invite him to your place (if you live apart of parents of course) If he comes that mean he does not really bother about another girl

    Just cook a nice diner with bottle of wine put on some romantic movie

    But if he refuse to come you can't do anything about it and you lose nothing

    You don't know probably right now he thinking about you just like you thinking about him


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