Should I REALLY give up on him?

I've known him for years. Connecting with him was great. Pretty dreamy actually. Always made me feel special.
He got out of a 3-4 yr relationship a few months back, but the way he showed interest in me made me feel he was over it.
Though, somehow, I think he is begging me now to give up on him because of it. He says that if I know what's good for me, that I'll find someone else. Could he be traumatized by his last relationship? The girl and him are good people. Somehow, he described her as a terrible person.
It all started with an argument we had; our first argument. From then, it went downhill. He like turn a switch off and suddenly started pushing me away begging me for me to leave him. That nothing good will come out of it. Should I give up? Or should I keep on being persistent until he opens up and gives in?
It's weird that he sometimes gives in then suddenly SNAPS and starts again being stubborn telling me to find someone else.
Guys, have you ever done this to a girl?
Or vice versa.
I'm confused :(


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  • I've never done this. But this is common. I'd move on. He's not ready for his own reasons. And he's missing out. Sounds like you could have something with him at least sex. It's been 3 months. This guy is in my opinion is not worth the time. Let him wallow in whatever he's doing and go seek someone healthier.

  • As men I think we like to often deal with emotions in our own way (not unlike women do). It does sound like there might be some deep rooted issue (s) that have been dug up or rather not put to rest. I think it would be a good idea to provide support to him and empathise where needed, but try not too push him into submission - I think the guy needs his own time to work out the problems.

    From personal experience I have known a women who has done this to me, similar situation although in a different context - the women was having family issues (of which I never actually fully understood) and her self asteem hit rock bottom and as a result she pushed me away because she believed I was "too good for her" in this case I believe it was because she was trying to protect me from what she herself was experiencing, not because of the way she felt about me or "us".


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