Will he know I want him as my prom date?

Prom is coming up and I really want a date. I don't have a boyfriend, but there is a guy I like and I think he likes me too (or at least he is aware of my existence haha). I can tell that we both try to make friendly conversation with each other, but we're both really shy when in comes to flirting. Help! How do you flirt and how can I let him know that I want him to ask me to Prom w/o being too obvious?


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  • Oh yes the Prom, well my advice is going to be based on my experiences, which is here it comes -Go tell him that you want to go to prom with him! You should never fear from what you really want in this life, because even if he says no, it is better than not ever knowing what would he say! One of you has to take the plunge and since you can control your actions I would say do it. It really gets better after the first rush when you are approaching the person and you can hear your heartbeat. Don't get discouraged or runaway!Jump! And feel great about it! Plus I think women who are go-getters are always one step ahead of the popular ones! (they often get what they want hand delivered to them)

    • Hmm, I've never thought about it that way before. I agree, I shouldn't be afraid of trying to get what I want. How do you think I should ask? Because I've asked a guy out to a dance before, but I worded it weirdly and it was just awkward!

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  • If he's your boyfriend, then this is a no brainer; since he isn't, then why would you want to go to prom anyways? Why don't you just ask him what he's up to. And try to do something with the guy BEFORE prom. Then after hanging out with him at least twice and immediately AFTER kissing him, ask him he would take you to prom.


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  • I was in your situation for my senior prom. My advice? Ask -him- to prom! Even if he doesn't want to go with you, he'll probably be flattered that you liked him enough to ask. And if you don't ask, you might never know; he could feel the same way as you, but you're both too afraid to do anything. Wouldn't you rather at least know? I know I did. And things worked out pretty well for me in the end. :)