Why did she say call me, but then not pick it up when I actually did?

On wednesday, I asked a girl out. She told me to call her when I got home but because I was 1. tired, and 2. confused about what I had just done and needed time to think about it, I never called her that night. However on Friday, I did call. I called when she got off work (230 am) which is when she originally told me to call her (she was working on Wednesday). She didn't pick up though. I DID leave a message and said if I don't hear back from you, then I would try you again on Saturday afternoon before her work-time (7 pm). I never called yesterday because I fell asleep after watching the first game of the doubleheader between the Indians and Tigers (we won both by the way :) )
She doesn't work today, and I'm thinking of trying her again buttttt I don't really know. I mean, why would she say something like that, then not answer?


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  • If I were her, I wouldn't pick up either. You have already not called her twice, even though you said you would. And by the looks of it, you haven't even had the courtesy to apologize for it. I really dislike flaky people.


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  • look man. imma keep it simple.

    never tell a woman ur going to do something if ur not 100% sure its actually going to get done. why? because women sometimes hold onto every action u take or word u speak and will use it against u. they get really cut up sometimes, depending on how sensitive she is.
    we woman dont have time to play this game of waiting around …. if she gets the feelings ur stalling then ur basically screwed.

    • She knows why I didn't call on Wednesday. I explained it to her in the message. That's why I'm asking, should I call today, explaining yesterday, or should I just leave it... wouldn't most women interested in men, call them back?

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    • K, you're a judgmental ass

    • Bye bye

  • You've blown her off twice when you were supposed to call. I think think that's rude and wouldn't bother with you.

    • Remember, I told her I MIGHT call her on Saturday. Also, I explained to her in the message why I didn't call her on Wednesday and I even said "if I don't hear back from you". I would think that would have been enough that I at least explained why i didn't call

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    • Good luck with women dude. You're gonna have to learn from this one or be calling every woman you meet judgmental LMFAO.

    • Good luck with yours too, ass

  • Just call her once more and leave it at that. 1 text after if you really really like her I guess.
    She could of missed the call and been very busy since, it happens sometimes, or she could be trying to make you think how you're thinking now because you didn't call when you said you would, or she could just not want to.
    You'll find out soon enough.

    • I can't text her because she doesn't have texting anymore

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    • No I mean, she has no texting. Like, I can't text her at all. Her phone apparently doesn't get it. Odd, right?

    • Yea that is weird. Something wrong with her phone or what?
      Ok I guess just try and call again then, but if she doesn't answer you'll know

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