I asked him what he's looking for and got this response. Interpretations?

I've been dating this guy for just over 3 weeks and have been on a 3-day trip with him (at his friend's cabin), so we've gotten to know each other fairly fast.

I haven't slept with him yet because I want to feel like I can trust him 100% first. I recently asked him what he's looking for and he thought for about 10 seconds before he slowly said something like this:

"If everything goes well, chemistry is good, etc etc then maybe something could happen in a while.."



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  • I don't know what we are interpreting here, that seemed pretty straight forward to me.

    • Haha of course, being a girl, I over-analyze everything. So he's open to a committed relationship if everything continues to go well, basically?

    • Pretty much. I don't think over-analyzing is gender specific. I'll agree girls do it more, but both genders do it a fair amount. I'm certainly no exception.

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