Has anyone had this problem while looking for a new boyfriend/girlfriend?

I waited a year until me and my ex had broken up to make sure I was over him. I am definitely completely over him. He was still in love with his ex when he left me so I never want to do that to someone.

However whenever I go out and meet another guy, or talk to another guy... we just don't connect like me and my ex did? I keep comparing them to my ex and I just can't stop, because I know that I'm capable of having an amazing connection with someone and I want that again, or better?

Is that weird? What do I do?


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  • If you meet someone, dont try to force it
    and the connection could come easier than you think.
    Everyone finds his/her true love sooner or later. You will find an amazing connection but sometimes it takes time.

    • True luv can only be achieve at the age of 25+. This age is not quite the age to settle for one gurl so.. toughluck.

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    • people are not serious with their relationship yet when they are still in their youth. I believe people start getting serious with their relationship at the age of 25+.

    • I think it depends on the people :-)

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  • no its not weired but comparing two people when you where probably with your X for a wile (you got a close personal connection) and a person your only just meeting isn't fare you will never find any one. a good relationship builds over time and thats what it will take.

    • Its sooo much effort! I get what your saying though

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  • I felt like this too... I just grew with my bf in our relationship. The next relationship will be stronger though because you will have learned a ton about what you need from the last relationship and you might not even realize how much you learned until you are doing way better with the next person