Is she Interested? Help me understand!! ( I need the female perspective on this one, male's opinion always welcomed )?

I had a first date with this girl, everything went great we talked for 3 hours and had a great time. At the end of the date we kissed, i pulled back and she came in for a kiss again. After this i texted her next day telling her how much fun i had, she said she had a lot of fun as well and was happy to have met me, and that we should do it again. She takes forever to respond to my texts and sometimes doesn't respond to texts at all. She sometimes gets back to me the day after i send the text with the response. I had told her before this date that if she wasn't interested that i wouldn't bother her , and she was so apologetic once i told her this and started to text back and forth before the previously mentioned date.
Furthermore, yesterday we texted a little and when i asked her what day she was free for us to meet again she hasn't responded yet. You think she might be playing hard to get? or am i just being paranoid? Is she even interested

Side note: I do not send her any texts if she hasn't responded to mine.

Thank you !!! Hope i get some good inisght


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  • I've unintentionally done this before with a guy who I was on the fence about. I think she's unsure. There's really no way to tell if she's interested other than wait and see what she says and try to hang out again. If she gets back to you and agrees, she's at least interested enough to see you again. Keep playing it how you are. Wait for her to respond.

  • Does she work? The not texting back right away might just be poor timing with her job and things. Your not nagging her which is good! how often do you text? Is it every day?

    • Yes she does work but not on weekends. I waited a day after the date i had with her to text. Id say we have texted almost every day but its only 1 or 2 texts. Usually with her responding a text i had sent to her the day before.

    • Well, something you could try is after you text her and have good feedback you could wait a couple days to text her again. If she likes you and she's used to you texting her every day (even if its just a one text checking in) shell notice that you haven't texted her and then when you do text her she'll be more excited and more likely to respond better. That's just how I would react.

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