What's up with this girl people?

I can't tell who this girl likes. We work together and when I first started she stared at me all the time and flipped her hair around. She also blushes around me and is fidgety. The first time we talked alone she could barely speak she was stuttering and had to really concentrate to get her words out lol. She also like pursed talking to me in the hallways like putting herself around me or going into the hallways when I did.

So a buddy if mine started like 2 months after me. When I walked into a meeting I noticed she was staring at him and she likes made eye contact with me as soon as I walked in. Then a few weeks later him and I are talking and I see her come to the copier out of the corner of my eye. I didn't look, and I notice my buddy is lookin over at her and as I turn my head to look it looked like she had just flipped her hairs when I looked she was just looking at me with this over the shoulder glances so over the course of 3-4 months her and I talked almost everyday. I felt like occasionally she would walk out behind him like she did me, but in that time period I never saw them walk and talk so I assumed she was focused on me. I def talked about girls in front of her and I also would ignore her sometimes because we'd talk everyday then she'd disappear on me and come back. At our group lunch one day she sits across from me and my buddy next to me. When she sits down she flips her hair over her hair and smiles at my buddy real big in front of me. Which pissed me off. I was like really? Another time me and her are walking down the hall when we get tk the glad door he's on the other side and she smiles real big at him again. When we walk past she looks back and me and acts like she didn't know what to do. Another time me and him are talking in the hall and she comes up to him and smiles and jokes, and she keeps looking at me while she does it. I turn to walk away pissed and she runs to catch up with me.

Another time him and I are walking towards her and as we approach her, she looks eyes with me the entire time we pass. It looking at him once and be even a said hi. Can you see how this is confusing?


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  • My friend used to do this to every guy. She used to do the I'm really shy but I really like you, or full on flirt, or just small sexy things.
    Guys would always be like I think your friend likes me man lol
    Maybe she does it to everybody, maybe she likes both of you.


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  • Make a move dude. She is primed and welcomes advances from any and all welcome parties.

    GUYS - I know everyone is different. Men and women. But as a rule of thumb you need to be moving forward with girls. Stagnant or back-stepping behavior are signs that you don't know what you're doing. It says that you're unsure of yourself and or what you want, and it makes women think twice. If you like a girl then you dictate the pace. She will let you know if you're moving to fast and then you can adjust. You take too long, she will either become disinterested and or find other men to satisfy her needs.

    I'm not saying that you need to go from zero to hero overnight. But this months on end shit with the she did this and then that... it, it just hurts the brain. Ayeeeeeeeh.

    • Ageed. But what do you mean welcomed advances from any and all parties?

    • From what you've described she is totally available and wants all intended receivers to know it. If a guy she finds attractive crosses her path she won't let it slip through her fingers.