Should I just go for it? Please, read?

Hi, all. So, long story short... I met this girl at an event. She's very bubbly and filled with light. She was flirting with me and I was flirting back. She was looking for excuses for us to do stuff together (play, talk etc.) and I caught her a bunch of times looking at me and looking away when I looked at her. Sometimes, we'd stare. There were other guys there chatting her up, bu she had contact with me the most. Physical included. I do find her attractive and interesting and would like to get to know her and date her. Should ai just go for it and call her? Like.. At the end of the week. I don't want it to be weird or something. She always smiled at me and laughed a lot at all the stuff I said or did, so I'm thinking she's into me. I didn't make it obvious that I had any interest in calling her, so maybe it would be a nice surprise. What do you think? Thank you for your time!

Thanks for all the replies but as it happens, she's got a boyfriend. Women...


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  • She's definitely interested and she made it more explicit than most guys would have needed her to. You should definitely pounce on that opportunity.

    • And it turned out she's got a bf. hah

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    • True.

    • Hey, next time. Right? :D

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  • Go for it but be on your guard, she maybe just wanted a onestand... or maybe genuinely intresting in you :) Just send her something and if she wants to go out somewhere just diss her the first time and then go and meet her :), dont be too hard to get and dont be too avaible, good luck feel free to ask me more :)

    • I couldn't call her, because I was busy, so I texted her if she wantes to get together. She hasn't replied. Either making me work for it or?

  • Go for it. She'll most likely waiting for you to call her.

  • Yeah, go for it. If she's at all interested she's probably waiting for or anticipating your call.


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  • Tower control to flight Anon1824, your flight is a go, runway looks good, you are cleared for take off.

  • Yes, 100% call her. C'mon man

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