Would the person that has your fully interest , are they capable of feeling the same way as u?

i have feelings for someone and i have the answer i think but i dont acknowledge it. i dont have no desires for anyone else. its a long story. i think about that person a lot. and i pray about my feelings like for God uncover my eyes. but u feel like inside we think to our selves do they ever think about us like we think about them will their heart ever change for the better. have u felt that way. is that person capable feeling that way too. im waiting to find out that persons secrets i want to know whats going on and i deserve to know. i deserve to know whats going on.

i alwasys tell him how i feel the thing is that he dont gives a fuck. and im the type ima tell u how i feel. so now i stopped everything. this be on my brain. i just can't figure this mother fucker out. he's just not the one ya know. u lucky


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  • I have been there myself, and in my case, the person I was thinking about felt the same way as I did. They are absolutely capable of feeling the same as you are. In my case, I told him how I felt about him, and he told me he felt the same. Turns out he was just too shy to say anything first. We have been together for a year and a half now, still going strong <3
    Take the risk and share your feelings with the person.

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