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Do you do dating sites? Which ones? Are you embarrassed? I am trying one now and I am so freaking scared and a little embarrassed about it.

Have you heard any success stories?


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  • There is nothing to be scared about. You have nothing to hide and you are just another normal person.

    I have done internet dating and am on my 3rd relationship for it. The first time lasted for 20 months and we broke up because we was not working, the second one lasted 3 1/2 months and the guy was a jerk and dumped me by txt. I'm now in my 3rd relationship, it has been 7 weeks so early stages but all seems to be going well.

    I have several friends who have done internet dating aswell and they are all in happy relationships and know people that have got married to people they have met online.

    I done it because all my friends are in relationships so I did not go out on girly nights out, found that most guys in bars and clubs only want one night stands and am not confident with approaching people in public places.

    People are on the sites for all different reasons, Mainly due to confidence issues, not having single friends to go out with or due to hectic lifestyles.

    The internet is good because you can search for so many people, talk to people who share simular interests and are in your age group and area. It is also a way of making new friends. If you do not get messages back straight away or write to lots of people before getting a response that is normal and just keep going and you will meet someone.

    The other thing is only talk for 2 - 3 weeks online before brining in to real life. Yes ask some questions in the messages but also make sure you save some questions for the date so that you can find out more and have something to talk about.

    I feel that it made me more confident and made the dates easier by talking online first.

    The other things is I found that it was better to use sites which you have to pay for as you know that people are geunine. Unfortunaltey on some free sites you get the occaisonal person who goes on there for a joke/to play about. - It is free, but it is a good site. - is good, you have to pay but I know it has good results. Zoosk - The app which is attached to Facebook is also very good.!


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  • Have never used one. One of my friends did and his experiences deter me.

  • Im using one. It is pretty hard to get used to. I love the profiles where each photo is of 2 women and one is good looking and the other isn't. Which are you getting? Or the profiles where only one is of the woman and the rest are of the pets... And at my age... well... some of these 40 year olds look 60...


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  • i would say if you want to, cuz, its still, a guys, and he like girls, but if you feel incucure about it...its up to u