I really need some kissing advice?

Okay so it's not going to be my first kiss all together, but it'll be my first kiss with him and my first kiss in about 8 months. I'm going to this guys house soon and I really like him. He's already make it obvious that there'll be kissing and cuddling, and I don't know why I'm getting so worked up but im nervous at the thought of kissing him, or anyone really.. I need some tips please xxx


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  • make sure your breath is nice and has a kinda fresh smell if you know what i mean (like don't let him smell or even worse TASTE anything you previously ate) and wear something comfortable to hug so he feels ok during the entire cuddle process though he most likely won't notice since you two will be doing some other things, other then that i don't know, have fun! (i see that your profile says you're under 18, i hope you're not gonna make babies tonight!)

    • we are most definitely not making babies tonight ahahahaha, thankyou for your opinion though :) x

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