Does this guy like me and what should I do when I see him next?

So when I go in where he works I feel him looking over as I pretend to find something to buy. I catch him looking he looks fidgety and returns his eyes to
Look at customer he is serving. Then when. i went to pay , he is like hello. how are you and then hesitates to serve me whole. continuing to ask stuff like. so where you coming from. college or work etc. Then he gives me a cute pet name as I leave.

Always makes. it a big deal when I am around which does make. me feel like quite special. Other times I went in and he will be serving someone. i am. behind a person and when. its my turn to be served he says. Hello gorgeous I couldnt help staring at you. An always says how are you.

Another time I was sad having bad day I went in and he said hey whats up I said nothing and he looked. concerned. i feel like he's friendly as he is doing his job but asking questions. i feel. a sense of interest from him. An as I am shy I can be seen as cold and when he says hey how are you I say fine and didn't ask about him I dont do that now and when I said hey how are you back. to him he was like thats. more like it lol.

he's cheeky and. fun which makes. me. smile. An I get so nervous when. i see him. I feel butterflies and he acts weird around me I feel. Problem. is I only. see him at work and. i do not know. if he's single and just a flirt lol. I feel. chemistry and that something could develop. given the chance. How to start it off though. He calls me babe also but sleazy guys say that too so it dont. mean too much lol. He has a nervous look when he sees me and it makes. me go bit shy around him but despite that he always makes sure to get me talking and to see how I am. An one time he was singing at me like he's excited. to see me.

Also when I went to pay one time he held. onto my hand a little. longer then normal then. took the money. Its like he wants. to feel. closer to me.

One time he had a convo with people in shop but when I arrived he said anyway princess is here so I dont care and he paid attention to me


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  • He knows that you like him.
    Be a bit careful too.
    And now the solution, you'll have to meet him outside and when he is not on his work.
    And if you feel shy, write your phone number and write that you wanna meet him on a paper and hand him over next time.

    A piece of advice, ask people about him to get a clear idea of what kind of a person he really is.
    And if he really likes you than try to speak out what lies within your heart buddy..

    **sorry if i made mistakes**


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  • Next time he cause you babe or a pet name tell him that only your ex ever called you that and it should open up the conversation of being involved or being single

  • sounds like he's into you, give him your number

  • Ask him question also, get to know him, when u feel like u know him a little ask him if he have a girlfriend, he'll see that ur interested and will ask u out


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