How to be confident around someone you really like?

i like this guy and we have kissed snogged and hugged and then we drifted and i liked him a lot still and he said he doesn't know and that he confused so my questions are

How to be confident around him still?
how to flirt with him?
how to not feel awkward around him?
how to get his attention?
How to get him into you more?

aimed at boys and girl to answer please!


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  • -how to be confident? by being optimistic and stay positive..
    -how to flirt? no need to flirt.. If he's really interested on you, he will even accept if you're flirty or not..
    -how to not feel awkward? by being and acting naturally..
    -how to get his attention? by doing and focusing your own stuff.. He will start to miss you and ask for your attention if he's really into you..
    -how to get him into you more? -by loving yourself and stay happy..
    *notice that its more about yourself than him... its because if he can feel and see that you are being real, acting natural, happy, loving yourself and your life, he will be more attracted to get into you more, into your wonderful life.. remember, No one likes emotional drama, negativity, faking something, or sad life...

    • thanks for MH :)

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