Trying to get to know this girl but not sure I'm going about things right?

I meet her a couple weeks back and really like her and think she is a wonderful person. but I haven't had that many oppurtunities to see her in person but try and make the most of when I do see her. which has mostly been at bars or the restaurant where she works. and I'm not sure if either of those locations is really the best idea but she does seem to like to go out and party so she's at such places often. but I know she does do other things as I saw her jogging one day so I think she might be into some outdoors stuff as well.

I though about trying to text or email her but girls seem to dislike my messages so though I might avoid that idea for now and just talk to her in person and she's only working here for the summer then going back to university in the fall so time is limited


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  • Dont overthink too much, if you want to get to know her go for it! Nothing to be over worried about.

    Just be confident, casual and easy going. Ask her for a coffee or a dinner or a film casually face to face. When you text her just say 'hows things going' or 'are you okay' 'how are you' then let the conversation flow from there.

    dont be too overly chatty in the convo though, try to smile and show her your charm and confidence.

    If it doesn't work out at least you know you tried and put it to rest, you'll find someone better and compatible in time.


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