Finally had a small talk conversation with my crush, could she be interested?

So I had been waiting a whole 4 day weekend to finally get this girls name. On my Monday I caught her on the parking lot finally!

She came in to the elevator smiling and talking about the weather. I just smiled and agreed. Then for some reason the conversation went into auto pilot.

Long story short I finally asked her So whats your name? and i told her mine and told her it was nice to meet her.

This is a girl I've been wanting to make conversation with for a year. Always throwing a smile at her when possible.

Sorry if this is cheesy, im a cheesy bastard :)


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  • this is really cute :) but dont get ur hopes up, she may just be a friendly person.. next step is conversing about random stuff whenever you see her.. casual talks..

    • I agree, I shouldn't get my hopes up! But there's been many little signs that just make me think she's interested. If i could link my previous question i would! :P Anywho, I hope i dont end up feeling silly.

  • Aww this is so cute lol. Ask for her number next

    • I will try! i want to ask her what her interests are. Now that i know her name it seems like it will be easier to talk to her.

    • Do you see her often. You can ask her see any good movies this weekend. Just ask her simple stuff

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