Who Does What... Domestic Roles?

In a relationship how do you feel housework should be split?

All girls responsibility
50/50 split
All guys responsibility

What do you typically think of as guy work/girls work?
Could you date someone who conforms to gender roles? Or somebody who takes everything on upon themselves?

If girls or guys are supposed to do all the work, do you play any sort of role in the home environment as the opposite gender?

Sorry for all the questions, I just really wanted everyone's opinion.

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  • 50/50 split
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  • 100% guys role
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Most Helpful Guy

  • We both do 100%. If she is busy she can call upon me to do everything and vice versa. If we're both free 50/50. My grandma said a man who is old enough to go to war must be able to cook, clean, do laundry and make a home. Cause when time are tough no one has the luxury of traditional roles. Its on you to make sure your loved ones and yourself are taken care of and survive.


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What Guys Said 2

  • whoa... there is no right answer. you do what you prefer to do and distribute duties in such a way that both help.
    If I like to cook and don't mind vacuuming and laundry, those are tasks I'll assume.
    But if I am in a relationship with someone who hates doing dishes, I'll do that.

    It's different for all couples. Just remember, being critical of the other person is a sure fire way to ensure you will be doing most of the work yourself.

  • I work, eat, and drink. Me come home, want sex. Grab you, get sex, throw you away.

    You cook, clean, take care of kids and give sex.


    • And let me guess, you're one of those sexist guys who does not have a woman to come home to at night. And if you do, I really feel sorry for her.

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    • Even in my family's culture that is backwards. Which is saying a lot.

    • beta male checkin in

What Girls Said 5

  • i think it should be whatever works, if some days the guy wants to clean and cook, cool, and maybe he likes cleaning so the girl cooks or whatever. It all depends on the people, and their schedules also. But at the least it should be split, it shouldn't all be put onto one person.

  • Me and my girl split the work 50/50. We both do our share. She typically does the laundry and half the cleaning, I cook and do half the cleaning.

  • 50/50.

  • should be the dudes role

  • I think it should be evenly split unless one has a job and the other doesn't.

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