My boyfriends been really cocky lately, what should I do? *Long, but please read*?

My boyfriend has been acting super cocky lately. We've been together for 7 months now and we've broken up twice and we've managed to bounce back to eachother. After the second time we broke up he started acting differently towards me. Like he's been really rude for no reason, for example, the other day we were play fighting and he slapped me in the face and bent my arm back to far and I got mad and yelled stop cause it hurt so bad and I was about to cry and he just said "well suck it up, you'll be fine, you hit me, you're really starting to get on my nerves" then left me in his room about to cry for like a good long while. I told him a while ago that this guy at my job told me he liked me because he told me to tell him everything and I don't have feelings for the guy at all and ever since I told him he always brings him up when I go to work he always says " having fun with your new boy toy, I got hoes for my self over here" and it just hurts my feelings even more. I just got put on birth control and one of the side effects is mood change so my emotions have been really sensitive and he knows it and he still acts like an immature jerk. Even today he was acting cocky, he kept texting me over and over again saying how cute he was and so I just stopped texting him and this evening I was feeling sick to my stomach every couple minutes and when I told him he just kept laughing and didn't even ask if I was okay, he just put a whole bunch of laughing emojis so I stopped texting him (he also shows off and embarrasses me infront of his friends and that really gets to me) . I love my boyfriend a lot and sometimes he can be a total sweet heart but lately he's been a true idiot. I want us to work out but if he keeps acting like this I don't know if we can. Please help, any advice? *if it helps, we're both 18 by the way*


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  • Awww man.. I know this all too well... From personal experiences and my friends.. Me and my girlfriend have been together for 7 months too and I find myself being a little on the asshole side.. I personally don't mean anything by it but I've been going through some weird changes lately.. Besides the cockiness me and your boyfriend does similar things. The thing is I know that I'm being a jerk, you should talk to him and ask if he knows that he's being a jerk to you or not.. It could be changes in testosterone levels which may cause him to be a sweet heart one minute, and a asshole the next.. The best thing to do is to talk to him and let him know.. Or just be like if something's going on you can talk to me or leave him alone for a while. Not all guys are going to be open but if he does vent to you he should feel better and changes might happen. Point is let him know... If he keeps acting crazy leave him alone. If he never realizes or come to you and apologizes and let you know he knows he's been acting like an ass then prepare to move on. I know guys that act like that... I act like that sometimes...

    • Affection also changes after breaking up
      With someone and getting back together... I know some people who bounced back stronger, and some who just started not carrying anymore.. He could also not care for you as much as he used too. It's hard to
      Know but the best thing to do
      Is talk to him and ask him questions... If he shuts you down and continues to shut you down then fall back. Give him space.

    • Thank you for the advice. I talked to him tonight and he listened and understood but he thinks every time I wanna talk I want to break up so he always sets himself up and prepares to break up with me. I'm still a little upset, but it's a little better

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  • Why the hell are you with him? The guy sounds like a fucking knob. Dump his ass and don't get back together with him

  • ugh too long. sorry.


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