Are we high school sweethearts?

My boyfriend and I have been together off and on for a year and 7 months. We first dated when we were both in high school (I was a junior, he was a senior) but we broke up after a month. Then we got back together my senior year (and were together for my entire senior year) And we are still together now even after we both graduated. But I've just been wondering, are we high school sweethearts or just two people who dated for a bit in high school.


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  • You're both high school sweethearts, because you've dated in high school. The same is true if you've dated since the last day of your senior year. But it can only be true if you're both in high school at the same time.


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  • i wouldn't say so tbh.
    why i say that is because high school sweethearts usually aren't on and off. its continuous. you 2 have been on this roller coaster and it could continue that way as u get older. if its not stable, then its not always a good sign.

    think about why u broke up before and if it could happen again.

    • We finally got rid of the major bumps in this roller coaster. We now live together. And we are engaged and my friend is writing her maid of honor speech and she asked if we were. Sadly I couldn't give her a straight answer. So I thought I would ask you guys. Lol

  • Well I don't know some people consider it high school sweethearts but to me, since you're not married, you guys are just two people who dated

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