Guys, do you want to know if your girl gets hit on? Or would you rather she didn't tell you?

I get hit on a decent amount.

I do think I come off as friendly and approachable and I do think I'm at least decent looking and I'm very in shape. Maybe that's why.

It's not uncommon for a guy to give me something extra when I'm buying food, or to tell me I look cute, or to ask for my number.

My boyfriend gets kinda jealous I've noticed if some guy even checks me out in front of him. I don't tell him about the guys that hit on me unless he directly asks. I just don't want to agitate him or make him jealous.

Or do guys prefer to know when some random guy is hitting on their girl?


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  • No, it immediately makes me wonder why you're even telling me. You know it doesn't feel good from my perspective as it's only natural a guy gets protective. You also know that there's nothing positive that comes from stating such a thing. The only thing I would be thinking is "She's either trying to make me jealous or upset/insecure... what the fuck?"

    • What I was thinking, I didn't see a point of annoyng him. If he directly asks me i obviously won't lie though

    • Sure, sounds right.

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  • If I'm in a relationship, I automatically trust my girlfriend, so it doesn't matter how many times she gets hit on, I wouldn't mind whether she tells me or not.

  • If it happens with one person on a regular basis I might want to know about it. It's not that I don't trust my girlfriend, it's just that I don't trust anyone with a penis.

  • If she just randomly tells me "hey babe, I got hit on like four times today," I'd wonder why she's telling me that, if she's trying to make me jealous, etc.

    But if I was with her and I saw her get hit on, as long as the guy wasn't intentionally trying to disrespect me ("Hey baby, drop the zero and get with a REAL man"... lmao) and I didn't have reason not to trust her, I'd probably like it. Kinda like now I know I have something other guys want.

  • what plato said.

    I'd trust my gf to not let her being hit on turn into anything other than that. I wouldn't feel the need to know if she's got hit on - b/c I know it'll happen anyway.

  • What's the point of telling someone that other people are hitting on you? To me that's a manipulative play or a silent threat that you better treat me better because other people want me. That is what is inferred... There is no need to tell your significant other that you get hit on. What you need to do is defend your relationship and reject men that approach you. If you're loyal to your man, you're not going to be feeding off other guys' attention and you won't be accepting favors or giving out your number. You should know how to behave on your own without him having to worry about you. When guys try to hit on you in front of your man, you should be extra firm in your defense of your relationship, and then do something sweet to show your affection for your man. This way you affirm position with the man you care about so that their is no question who you are with.


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