Why can't he say he loves me after a year and a half?

Im feeling slighted. I even broke up with him 6 weeks ago. Then he said he missed me greatly and wanted to talk. I did meet him and he just hugged me and acted like all was fine. Ok so 6 weeks after we get back together and still no I love you. He treats me good. I've met everyone and he signs invitations to his summer parties from both of us. Why no I love you. No discussion of feelings at all. Any men like this out there? Help. We are both in our 40s life is short.


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  • I hear you sister, life is indeed short. Um... I'm also afraid of displaying affection when it comes to 'love', it's like this kind of word that you don't want to abuse unless you're absolutely sure you mean it. Even then, using the word 'love' might bring up this whole reverse-Napoleon complex of leverage. I don't think he wants to risk coming off as silly or potentially hurt by you having leverage over him.

    • Thank you. I think that is exactly it. What helps you get over that fear? Is there anything I can do or should I just move on and be done with this?

    • Thanks! Use your judgment, evaluate his motivations through his actions, do not let him take advantage of you.

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