This a unique situation and I've never experienced one like this what do you think?

My so called friends with benefits I have known for nearly a year now he lives 200 miles away and because of work it's hard to drive to see me as often as we would like. Saturday night we planned it for him to come and stay but I said of book a b&b for the night as I live with my parents. Yes he had been working long hours and drives long distances for his job he became tired after a 10 minute sex session he then went to sleep for 1am while I was lying there bored !! I felt upset and wanted to leave so I left for 8am I kissed him said by and left. I get home and I yext to see if he got into the motorway ok , he pulled over and I could tell by the text he seems off , after a quick tiff he says I bet I'm think he was rubbish last night and he came to quick etc and he even said I bet you think I'm being cold when I turn my back to sleep it's just the way I sleep :/ , after a silly back n forth text I felt upset so I said well we should end it then as he says he's heads all over the place he didn't know what he wanted? After a argument he texted and said I didn't mean what I said about wanting to end things I said it because I knew it would upset you and I would get a reaction I'm sorry. I'm still feeling upset but I like him but did I waste my time and money? He says he would come and just chat he wouldn't mind if we didn't have sex? Wtf !! I'm confused


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  • He cars for you. A mans manhood can live or die with a good or bad sex session. You hurt his feelings and he reacted inappropriately and now he regrets it...


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