He says that he likes me but he hasn't asked me out yet?

I work second shift at a local grocery store in the backroom. There is this guy named Andrew who works first shift. We never really talked besides playing paper football and having short conversations in the break room before I started work. One day out of no where he came up to me before he left for the night and asked me for my number. He was shy and nervous. I thought it was cute. Well, we started talking more and texting and it turns out that we have a lot in common. I work with mainly men and he works with mainly women. I was talking to the guys about how Andrew asked me for my number and they were surprised because they thought he was gay because he's "flamboyant" as Scott says. I don't really know many of the SFS (Ship From Store) ladies that he works with besides one because she's my cousin and as I'm starting work, they are leaving. I talked to her about him and she said that we'd make a cute couple. I unload the store's grocery truck. One day the truck was late so while everyone else hung out in the break room, I hung out in SFS and talked to Megan (my cousin) and Andrew. Well, the truck came so I had to get back to doing my own thing, The SFS people have to come past where I work to load their stuff into the FedEx truck. Two of the ladies asked me if I like Andrew and I said "yes" and then they said that we'd make a cute couple and they said about how he wanted to wait until he got this car that he has been saving up for before he asks me out. The car however, got sold and he is really bummed out so now he is looking at another car. The thing is is that I don't want to wait anymore for him to ask me out. Is that wrong of me? It's been a month.. now a couple days into the second month and he hasn't asked me yet. I'm not desperate or anything but I don't know how long it will be until he gets this car. I've been told that he doesn't date much because he's embarrassed that he doesn't have a car of his own to take girls out.

I ran out of space to finish typing... I don't know if he's trying to be cute but he'll come up to me when I'm working and just poke me in the shoulder or back and walk away. He gave me a folded up piece of paper with a heart shaped leaf in it.
I found out that he is going back to Ohio next month. I knew he was in school but I didn't know what school he went to. I don't know if I should be upset b/c neither he or anyone he works with told me he was leaving. I found out through someone else.


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  • There are probably two issues. 1) He may be a little shy and you might have to make the first move. 2) If he doesn't have a car, he might be embarrassed, but you can drive (if you have a car) and meet him or pick him up somewhere if he is OK with that. Or the two of you can just meet somewhere on a weekend. He is obviously interested in you and you need to help move the situation along.

    • I don't drive. I can see where it might be awkward to have someone drop us off on our date. I think it would be awkward because It would be like a parent dropping their kids off at a school dance. He's been hinting that he wants to hang out. He mentioned his favorite movie and that we should watch it together. he's been hinting that he wants to hang out but when he gets off work, he usually goes to bed and we usually never have the same days off work.

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  • He might be shy.. thAt use to be me.. then the girl showed she was interested in me.. and that game me confidence.. now she is my first gf.. been together for about 7 or 8 months

    Around 215 days

    • He is pretty shy. At first the extent of our conversations where "hey :)" or "what's up?" and that was about it but then I texted him and I said "hey :) We've been friends for a while now and I just realized that we don't know that much about each other... I think that should change... don't be a stranger." and then he started to open up more but I still think that he is more himself when we text then when we're face to face. Any suggestions?

    • Dang.. you sound sooo similar to my situation.. show him that you have interest in him.. and that will help alot... maybe one day ask for a hug when you leave.. and start to build deeper feelings... that worked for me.. now am hooked with my gf

  • guys are not normally going to ask a girl out, guys are rejected/ignored by girls, so guys know better. its the girl who has to make the first moves, cause girls dont usually have the risk of rejection, simple as that


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