Is this a good sign guys? Or is he just bring friendly?

So me and this guy have kinda been hooking up for a year now. The only real time we hang out is when we hookup or cuddle/spend the mkrning together.

We've been speaking a lot lately and so I asked him if he wanted to hang out sometime and get some crappy food. His response was 'hahaa... Sounds like a good idea.' Is this good? Or is he just being friendly? He knows I like him?


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  • The fact that he laughed about it means he's being very casual about it - so I wouldn't read too far into it. You've been hooking up for a year, obviously you know each other pretty well. Hanging out and then sleeping together is pretty normal for a friends with benefits type of relationship. I don't think he necessarily thinks you like him, he probably just think you're cool and doesn't mind spending a few extra hours with you.

    • He laughed due to the fact I said I haven't seen him in ages to annoy him... And sex after isn't on the tables as were more then likely going out. He knows I like him as I told him back in April how I feel.