He doesn't want me to date others, but he hides that he's constantly active on dating site, when I told him it was ok? Why?

What’s the deal with this guy?

I've been dating him for almost a month and things are going well. I see him every weekend and a few days a week, so he wouldn't have too much time to date others. We're in touch every day.

He knows I dated around 30+ guys from various dating sites since I was single in the last year-and-a-half - he thinks that's a lot and is a bit skeptical. He claims to have met maybe 5-6 girls from dating sites in the 4 years he's been single.

He expressed a few weeks ago that he didn't want me dating other people. However - he's active on the dating site many times a day, hides his phone and texts people while he's with me, and keeps telling me he's not dating anyone else. It also appears like he blocked me on the site while telling me he deleted his account to take a break (I never asked him to delete it. I assume he blocked me so I can't see when he's online and how far away in miles he is). He has a story to back that up that could be true and there is a small chance that he didn't block me, but anyway - what matters is that he's still constantly online after telling me he was taking a break.

The thing is, I've told him that I understand that he's been single for a while and if he still wants to still date around, he has every right to do so - and that I don't understand why he's not just honest about it... I ignored his "good night" message last night because I'm not too happy with him lying about the whole online profile thing.

Why would he do that? I see a few possibilities:
1. He thinks the grass is always greener and is stringing me along until he finds something better
2. He knows I've dated a lot of people with who I haven't been satisfied, so he's scared I'll suddenly leave him and he'll have no backups.
3. Player with no long-term intentions, wants as many girls as possible to boost his ego
4. Other?


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  • Initally I was gonna say you need to forget about this guy. But then I read you told him he could date other people. Is it possible you helped create the situation by doing that? And yes his secretive behavior is highly suspicious to me.


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